Customer Cloud

Out of the box big data architecture, processing and storage giving you a real-time golden record of your customer

Real-time access to hundreds of data points representing the entirety of a customer’s online and offline purchase and browsing history as well as hundreds more outlet, account, agreement and other data points gives your sales, service and online marketing teams fresh and actionable data to improve customer relationships and build advocacy.

Inside the Customer Cloud

The Customer Cloud is at the heart of our data supply chain and comprises four parts: processing the data and enriching through categorisation; storage in a large scalable database; aggregation and routing and preparing for data warehouse consumption and then finally providing access in our data warehouse. At each stage the data is accessible via API. The use of API is dependent on the use case with variations ranging from large batch data imports via the Import API to quicker than a blink of an eye lookups.

Big Wednesday IO Customer Cloud - combining Website, Mobile, Contact Centre, Store, Email, Logistics, Promotions and Social

What will the Customer Cloud do for me?

In addition to providing you with a golden record of your customer the customer cloud enables you to create a vast range of personalised experiences including automated promotions that are not supported even by the Four Horsemen of E-commerce (IBM, Oracle, Hybris and eBay Enterprise).