Bringing together all the information your teams need to provide the best customer service experience with increased sales volumes

Features include:-

  • A single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates.
  • Coordinated, customized fulfillment processes to support various selling channels and internal or external supplies.
  • One source of order information to provide customers with accurate and timely information.
  • Integrated order fulfillment processes across call center and online channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience.

Enables visibility to all internal and external inventory locations.

Provides call center representatives access to order, inventory, and delivery tools.

Allows customers to receive accurate inventory across channels.

Global Inventory Visibility

provides a thorough view of inventory and demand across locations and stages of transit. It can optimize inventory, improve product availability and customer satisfaction, and help prevent lost sales. Key features include:

  • Visibility into global, multi-site inventory through a role-specific single console.
  • Advanced inventory search capabilities.
  • Ability to provide accurate available-to-promise dates for products and services being sold.

Delivery scheduling

Schedule and provide promise dates for delivery at the time of order.

  • Support of depot collection, scheduled delivery and ad-hoc delivery as distinct fulfillment methods.
  • Ability to offer alternatives to out-of-stock items.
  • Support of multiple payment methods including account and cash with order payments.