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You want to allow customers to receive discounts on branded products they have chosen themselves

You want to allow your customers to choose a brand or brands from a selection of brands and receive a 10% discount on all products from the selected brands or pick, say, 10 products from the hundreds available and receive a value or percentage discount.

You want more shipping discount options

Discount by shipping method and create other shipment specific discounts using shipment expressions. Do you have multiple shipments? We let you qualify a discount on a per-shipment basis so you don’t lose money.

You’d like to offer gift and discount choices

Offer your customers a selection of gifts when they qualify. Or offer them a selection of discounted items (% $ or price point). Great for offering a gift that comes in different sizes or colours, tailoring to different groups (like men and women) or offering companion product discounts (like discounted batteries with a toy).

You want to increase average order value

Tell your customers how many more items to add for a multi-buy, or how much more they need to spend to qualify for a discount. Make it easy for them to complete the deal. We provide quantity and amount distance information to you.

You’d like per discount price ordering

Sometimes you want to discount the cheapest item, sometimes the most expensive. You no longer have to pick one or the other. Set a default (usually cheapest) and then override the default on a per discount basis.

You want to tier multiple discounts

Give your customers more when they spend more. Or just make certain discounts mutually exclusive.

You’d like to better understand your discounts

Discounts are complicated! Sometimes you just can’t figure out why it’s not working as you expect. We provide a step-by-step log of the promotion application process, right down to the individual item quantity. Our detailed diagnostics mean you’ll never be lost again.


Supercharged Promotions

Promotions supercharged with the power of the Customer Cloud.

Easily create personalised offers

An intuitive UI reduces the complexity of campaign creation. Our easy-to-use, drag ‘n drop interface means no marketer needs to wait for development to implement marketing strategies.

Magento CE Magento EE Big Wednesday IO
Percentage Off Yes
Amount Off Yes
Fixed Price (e.g. 3 for $20) Yes
Bundle (% $ or Fixed) Yes
Discount Behaviours
Global Discount Price Ordering Yes
Per-Discount Cheapest First Yes
Per-Discount Expensive First Yes
Gift with Purchase Auto-Add Yes
Per-Shipment Shipping Discounts Yes
Runtime Customisation
Realtime Promotion Events Yes
Realtime Promotion Filtering Yes
Gift with Purchase Line Customisation Yes
Promotion Merchandising
Discounts for Product API (implicit) Yes
Discounts for Product API (explicit) Yes
Basket Messaging
Quantity Qualification Distance Data Yes
Money Qualification Distance Data Yes
Distance Threshold Messages Yes
Discount Rounding
Round Items Subtotal Yes
Round Across Basket Lines Yes
Round Each Item of Set Yes