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Orderable is a cloud platform that connects buyers to suppliers

Many small business owners would like a better way to buy from suppliers. They would like to be able to source products more easily and, when they have identified the perfect supplier, place their order with them immediately. They would like to spend less time placing orders over the phone, less time raising purchase orders and less time chasing suppliers for paper invoices. They would like their ordering process to be accurate, reliable and fast and they want to be able to place their orders whenever and wherever they want.

Orderable makes it easy for independent retailers in the eating and drinking out industry to order the supplies they need to operate their businesses:-

Meet Laura. Laura owns an artisan coffee shop in Soho and needs to find a great new coffee roaster who will deliver fresh beans to her shop once a week.

Meet Steve. Steve is a coffee roaster who wants to sell his coffee beans to retailers like Laura.

Steve has to spend time and money promoting his business so that retailers like Laura will discover him.

Laura has learned that it can take time to switch suppliers: she usually has to complete a credit check first and have it approved by the supplier before she can even receive her first order.

Laura has lots of different suppliers who expect her to phone her orders through to them during business hours. This takes an hour or more out of Laura’s day. Sometimes Laura finds herself chasing her suppliers for paper invoices which she has to manually enter into her accounting software before she pays them.

With Orderable Laura can discover new suppliers really easily and communicate with them directly - so Laura talks to Steve and decides to order from him. Steve is delighted. Laura finds that switching suppliers with Orderable is really easy too.

Now Laura can do her online ordering quickly and easily: she can fill her shopping cart with Steve’s excellent coffee beans, with milk delivered direct from her favourite organic farm, and with fresh produce from a brilliant stall in her street. After she has added her paper products, her bread and her pastries she suddenly remembers, at 11.30 pm, that she wanted to order some new Acme & Co. coffee cups too, so she just logs on using her mobile phone and adds them to her order for delivery tomorrow.

Laura only has to manage one order and with Orderable she discovers that the time it takes her to order the supplies she needs to operate her business isn’t an hour any more: it’s less than 5 minutes. What’s more, Orderable automatically raises supplier invoices for Laura and works with her favourite online accounting software too. More time saved. More time for Laura to take care of her customers.

After a few months Orderable tells Laura that it can probably predict what she wants to order today and has prepared a shopping cart for her. Soon Laura finds she rarely needs to modify Orderable’s shopping cart and ordering is taking her less than a minute. Which frees up Laura to do what she does best: engage with her customers.

How it works

Everything you need from your favourite suppliers in one place

  • Tell us your postcode

  • Start shopping

    Find the products you need - all from suppliers who will deliver to your area

  • Submit your order

    Once you join the network you can buy from any new supplier and enjoy the same credit terms you enjoy with your existing suppliers

The features

  • It’s the cloud

    Orderable runs in the cloud meaning you can do your ordering using any device whenever you need to. There’s nothing to install, upgrades are free and everything is backed up automatically.

  • Accounting

    Orderable connects with your favourite online accounting software so that each transaction comes up quickly and matches up.

  • Unlimited users

    Orderable allows unlimited users so that you and your colleagues can work at the same time from different places.

  • Everywhere

    There’s a mobile app too: you can use it to run your business on the go.

  • Secure

    Orderable is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you.


We’re here to make it easy for you

  • Tailored pricing

    Tailor your pricing to your customer

  • Connect

    With customers who want to buy from you

  • Free to suppliers

    We’re free to suppliers - now and always

  • Stay in charge

    Have the final say in who can order from you

  • In-house curation

    To make sure your brand and your products stand out

Pricing plans

No hidden costs or surprises. Cancel or change your plan at any time.

  1. £4.50 £9.00


    • Place up to 5 orders per month
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited free 24/7 support
    • Export data to Excel, Sheets or CSV
    • No setup fees or contracts
    • Automatic secure backups
    • Highest level SSL security encryption
    • Free iPhone and Android apps
  2. £12.50 £25.00


    • Unlimited orders
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited free 24/7 support
    • Export data to Excel, Sheets or CSV
    • No setup fees or contracts
    • Automatic secure backups
    • Highest level SSL security encryption
    • Free iPhone and Android apps

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30-day free trial

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