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Empower your retail partners with access to products and services


You want to enable quick ordering for your retail partners

Your retail partners want their ordering experience to be quick and easy. Powered by their personal ordering patterns combined with targeted promotions, product ranking adjustments and other business rules, you can help them place their weekly order in minutes while controlling exactly which products and offers are presented to them - and all with customer- and outlet-specific product pricing and price adjustments.

You want to increase sales volumes

You want to create demand by personalising every aspect of the user journey using behavioural data, purchase history and cognitive science: create demand by showing low stock notifications for relevant products; create urgency by creating countdown timers that work towards specific dates or times of the day; provide social endorsement by showing user activity or by surfacing relevant reviews and target customers with promotions unique to them.

Your retail partners want to re-order from their cellar

Your retail partners want to be able to update their order not from their office but from their cellar using their smartphone or their tablet device.

You want an easy way to manage your negotiated or banded price lists and price adjustments

You have negotiated price lists and complex pricing rules: you have a range of price bands, price-effective dates and a whole range of pub- and depot-specific price adjustments too. You need a better way to manage this complexity.

You need inventory transparency

You want your retail partners to know which products are available to order today and which products will be available to order next Tuesday based on depot availability taking into account delivery lead times where appropriate and where a product suddenly becomes unavailable you want to inform your retail partners about this in real-time.

You’d like to get continuous improvements

We are constantly developing Pub Buying Club and our Cloud Platform and want to innovate for you.


  • Search and browsing as-you-type

    Refresh full pages and filters as your users type creating a unique experience tailored to their inputs

  • Supercharged promotions

    Our industry-leading promotions engine powers increased customer spend

  • Mobile

    Empower your customers and employees to place orders on any device, any time

  • Advanced personalisation techniques

    Personalise every aspect of the user journey using behavioural data, purchase history and cognitive science.

    Use outlet location data and integration with an open weather API to serve different messages to different users depending on the weather in their area. If it's sunny at the weekend a carousel shows the local weather forecast then serves a related offer

  • Ultra-fast order entry

    Using powerful learning algorithms your customer's purchasing patterns are analysed to predict the products your customer will wish to order next. This prediction data can be used by your customers to pre-populate a shopping cart for ultra-fast ordering experiences and shared by you with your fulfilment partners

  • Negotiated pricing terms

    Personalize each customer account or outlet with pre-negotiated price lists and terms

  • Price-effective dates

    Where a future price exists for a product from a specified date then products scheduled for delivery on or after that date will have the price effective on that date

  • Curated products

    Extended information on each product with the ability to define product types - each with an infinitely extensible set of product attributes. Fully dynamic product categorisation as well as support for wet and non-wet catalogue(s) and alternate suppliers. Search refinements and promotions can be defined and managed per category and segmented by user and products can be automatically badged.

    If you wish we can curate your product information for you - guaranteeing regulatory compliance - by sourcing, curating and managing all your product-related digital data and assets

  • Flexible payments

    More ways to pay include cash-with-order card payments, on-account payments, coupon payments and flexibility for your retail partners about when they pay their rent or make ad-hoc account payments

  • Recommendations

    Use our collaborative filtering algorithm powered by events stored in the Customer Cloud to generate automatic recommendations or curate your own recommendations. You control who sees which recommendations (targeting orthogonal or overlapping user segments), how recommendations should look and where to show them - with instant search results; on product details pages, basket and checkout pages.

  • Shopping cart

    Instant order processing with real-time stock and depot availability checks, personalised pricing and discounts.

  • Similar products

    Cross-sell or upsell other similar products

  • Account Management

    Empower administrators to manage accounts easily

  • Accounting Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate with your backend systems with real-time access to all your data

  • My account

    Feature all aspects of the retail partners’ outlet, contacts, agreements, ties, fixtures and fittings, deposits and terms and conditions. Previous order history and machine reports can be reviewed and paperless documents downloaded. Make ad-hoc account and rental payments.